Mars College

“Would you live on Mars?”

“Maybe, if it had smokin’ internet” - anonymous

Mars is a barren landscape with intense sun, frequent cold, and strong winds. On a dry lake bed in the Southern California Desert, next to the Salton Sea, and open for miles around, the attraction of desert life is clear, as is the effort it take to survive it.

We construct a compound of communal structures framed with wood and pallet racks. We figure out water, weather protection, electricity, high-speed internet, and communal working spaces. We strive to live comfortably and get work done while at Mars College. With our basic needs met among a supportive community, we are free to pursue our passions.

The first task for everyone coming to Mars is to figure out where to live.

Cars, Vans & Trailers

Van Conversions, RVs, Camper trailers and other spaceships make good domiciles on Mars. The more self contained and self reliant you are the more control you have over your welfare and happiness. If you’ve been dreaming about vanlife, Mars College is a good chance to build out a van or cargo trailer into a spaceship of your own.

Off-grid shelter

People flying in, or early on their nomad path without a home on wheels, can build / inhabit a pallet rack shelter. Pallet Rack shelters start as 12’ x 12’ platforms with a raised floor, ply roof and walls and mattress. A spartan beginning Martians can fill with the soft pleasures of their home world.


We also have a few trailers, and may be able to connect those not ready for life on another planet with a room in Bombay. Supplies are limited and are best arranged in advance of coming.


We really can’t overstate our intense love of electric unicycles. Outside in the desert the distances between places you want to be are perfect for unicycles. They really transform your ability to inhabit an open rural space. We also have some old red beach cruisers. But it’s really all about the unicycles.