Mars College

Academic life on Mars revolves around a collection of study groups. Study groups research subjects of interest to us, organize activities, and perform valuable camp services in exchange for space and resources. They come in many forms, ranging from those learning about technology (e.g. AI, VR/XR, telepresence), to those focused on life skills (e.g. culinary arts, vanlife, fitness, work-remote), to those dedicated to art and creativity (e.g. music, dance, crafts).

Members are encouraged to participate in those study groups which interest them, and can initiate new ones. Everyone gets to be a teacher and a learner, and contribute to the overall programming in some way.

Activities & responsibilities

There are no full-time educators at Mars College; we are a federation of people trying to pool our skills and learn together. As such, study groups are mostly self-directed, and are encouraged to leverage online courses, blogs, open-source materials, and other free online resources to educate themselves and the community about their findings.

Study groups make life on Mars lively, while also working together to make camp run smoothly. Some lead workshops, performances, exhibitions, and installations. Others build and fix things, grow plants and gardens, cook and plan group meals, and organize social activities.

Possible study groups

Study groups are not yet precisely determined, and won't be finalized until we begin the quarter. Several informal study groups emerged at BRAHMAN. They are listed below, along with links to their work. We are using these as a starting point for possible study groups.

Machine intelligence
Topics: Deep learning, artificial intelligence, language models & chatbots, AI art
Prior work: Bombay Dreaming, MarsGAN, Collective intelligence lab, bb-aaa, Artificial Intelligence Reality
Off-grid architecture
Topics: Pallet racks, shipping containers, hexayurts, desert urbanism
Prior work: Mars, The Forest, Inverted discoball
Physical computing
Topics: Electronics, microcontrollers, arduino, sensors, robotics
Prior work: Desertscape, soldering workshop
Immersive spaces
Topics: Projection, video walls, light painting, ambisonics
Prior work: The Portal, Inverted discoball
Extended reality
Topics: Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, cybernetics, and games
Prior work: Artificial Intelligence Reality
Renewable energy
Topics: Solar, geothermal, and wind energy
Prior work: Solar power at BRAHMAN
Topics: Converting vans, containers, and trailers into tiny houses
Prior work: Vans on Mars
Topics: Cooking, meal planning, culinary arts
Prior work:, some of our dishes
Topics: Music performance, composition, and production, live coding & algorave
Prior work: Karaoke of Dreams, Performances
Topics: Gardening, composting, aquaponics, hydroponics, clay, adobe
Prior work: Claymaking projects
Electric unicycling
Yoga & meditation
Topics: Daily yoga class, guided and group meditations
Prior work: Meditation and yoga at BRAHMAN
Film & stage
Topics: Screenings, acting exercises
Prior work: Screenings at BRAHMAN
Topics: Telepresence, remote sensing, locomotion and robotics
Prior work: Rover project
Topics: Quadcopters, drone racing, aerial photography, drone telepresence
Prior work: Droning at BRAHMAN
Topics: Cryptography, blockchains, tokens, federated and decentralized systems
Prior work: