Mars College

Academics on Mars revolve around the core majors. Everyone at Mars College has to declare at least one major, attend all its regular sessions, and make a project for midterm and final. Mars Residents are also encouraged to declare majors.


AI: Making AI agents who create images, sounds, and texts, i.e. prompt engineering and finetuning large language and text-to-image models. Some of us are building Eden, which we use to build live/interactive web applications and bots serving these models.

Off-grid shelter: urban design with pallet racks, mobile domiciles, and building components, making Mars sustainable and habitable.

Art and craft: Fine arts on Mars and Bombay Beach, street art, sculpture, and ceramics. With our friends at BBAC, we will paint murals and setup workshops with kilns and welding equipment.

3d design: Using software to create 3d worlds, towards a virtual counterpart of Mars for games, metaverses, and multiverses.

DAOs and crypto: Practice emerging protocols for decentralization and coordination, thinking about how to apply it to the Martian enterprise.


Besides for the core majors, a number of more informal clubs are active on Mars.

Yoga: Regular yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises.

Electric unicycling: we are avid fans of the electric unicycle, and go on group rides around the surrounding area. We have some unicycles available.

Bouldering: we build a bouldering wall onto the pallet racks on Mars, and practice for a trip to Joshua Tree.

Live coding: There is a live-code scene on Mars. We'll organize some algoraves and live streams.

Midterm and final

Weekend of Feb 17 we'll have our midterm, during which we'll organize show & tell, and majors should formulate an idea for a finals project by then.

Our final will be the weekend of March 31, and/or coinciding with the biennale. For final, majors present final projects and we organize a group show around it.