Mars College

Academic life on Mars revolves around self-organized study groups. There are no full-time educators at Mars College; we are a federation of people pooling our skills and learning together. Everyone gets to be a teacher and a learner, and contribute to the overall programming in some way.

Study groups make life on Mars lively. Some lead workshops, performances, exhibitions, or workshops. Others build things, grow plants and gardens, and organize events. People in study groups propose projects and activities, and periodically organize events for other Martians and the local community. Weekly events at a set time work very well.

We organize two exhibitions, one at the halfway point of Mars College, and one at the end. Study groups will have the opportunity to prepare something for these shows.

Existing study groups

Martians are encouraged to join study groups or form new ones. Some study groups which have gathered consistently since we formed are listed below, along with links.

Our interests & activities