Mars College

Mars College is a three-month educational program, R&D lab, and off-grid residential community dedicated to cultivating a low-cost, high-tech lifestyle.

🏜️ Live in nature
Located in the scenic California desert with gorgeous sunsets and frequent high winds, life at Mars College is inspiring and challenging.
🛠️ Develop self reliance
We build our campus from the ground up each year, setting up the shelter, solar, internet, and water systems we need to thrive.
💻 Harness technology
Martians explore emerging technologies and develop projects to present at a midterm and final showcase.
😎 Find your joy
Make art, spin fire, do yoga, shoot bliss out your third eye. Take the time to find what makes you happy, and play an integral role in a small community.
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The next Mars College is scheduled for Jan-Mar 2024. Applications are now open.
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