Mars College

Mars College is an educational program, R&D lab, and residential community dedicated to cultivating a low-cost, high-tech lifestyle.
🏜️ Live in nature
Secure your livelihood from an idyllic location, and escape the hamster wheel of urban professional life.
🛠️ Build a home
Learn how to convert a tiny house, live the vanlife, or form a caravan with your friends.
💻 Harness technology
Study and leverage emerging technologies under your own terms. Work remote, develop an internet business, or climb up the gig economy.
😎 Reclaim your autonomy
Practice self-reliance and thrive in the face of meager circumstances, personal adversity, and global instability.
Academic life on Mars revolves around study groups ranging from high-tech to ecology to fitness. Some study groups we hope to seed are listed below. Learn more.
Physical computing
Artificial intelligence
Solar power
Off-grid living
Telepresence & XR
Electric unicycling
Our interests & activities
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