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Mars 2022 Schedule
13 Oct 2021 back to blog

A rough timeline of Mars College in 2022

Mars College 2022 schedule

November 1 - December 25

Planning our Trip: Plan our build, organize and purchase material. Imagine things to learn, online classes to take, projects to do during Mars ‘22.

December 26 - Jan 2

Mission to Mars: Ready or Not here we come!

Jan 3 - 8 | Build Week 1

Pallet Racks !!!: One week to get our main building erected with floors and walls, stairs and guard rails. Everything screwed in, tied down and ready for the next phase. See pallet racks

Jan 10 - 15

Infrastructure week

More about work life.

Jan 17 - 22

Welcome Week: With our physical layer taken care of this week we shift focus into the ethereal. We share meals, tell stories, imagine future’s, plan projects, recruit collaborators, watch movies and generally put it all out there. Like an extended brainstorming session this is the time to throw it all out there and see what sticks. Most of the Mars College schedule is flexible, but this week is important for people to be present and engaged.

Jan 24 - Feb 18

First Semester: start learning and doing

Feb 19 - 21

Mid Term Update & Spring Break: We’ll plan a halfway exhibition for this weekend.

Feb 22 - March 17

Second Semester: go all out on projects. This is home stretch.

March 18 - 23

Final Showcase: an exhibition which will run into the weekend to show off our learnings and projects

March 24 - 27

Electric Unicycle Rally: If you’re interested in unicycling with us, see here

March 28 - 31

End of Mars College: Disengage, Break-down, organize and store


Cool-down period: Some possible events of interest for people who stick around the area

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