Mars College

At its core, Mars College involves people coming together as a physical community in a harsh environment with no amenities provided. This means that we as a community need to take care of all our physical needs, including food, water, shelter, electricity, internet and waste. Everybody at Mars College is expected to consistently contribute to at least one of these domains.

We've conceptualized the responsibilities of maintaining Mars College as falling under the four traditional elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Some of the jobs and chores associated with the elements are listed below.

🌱 Earth
  • Building, carpentry
  • Gardening, composting
  • Recycling, waste management
🔥 Fire
  • Solar power
  • Electricity distribution
  • Lighting
💦 Water
  • Water distribution
  • Setup showers
  • Gray water collection
💨 Air
  • Manage wifi network
  • Setup media centers
  • Security cameras