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01 Jun 2022 back to blog

2022 Martian Solar Afteraction + suggestions for 2023

This is a quick overview of what we learned and what I’d propose we consider on the next go for our (entirely off grid) solar power system on Mars. Many thanks to all who were involved with the power system this year!

The 22 Approach

Many systems, many arrays

The 22 Results

A semesters worth of fried electrical gear

Initially seemed to work OK, but unbalancing tanked our reliability

Lessons Learned

What about 2023?

Solar system 2023 proposal - click for full size

Proposal: the Power Room

3 systems based on criticality, colocated in partially dust protected space:

This room could house the solar charge controllers as well - while maintaining our solarpunk #a e s t h e t i c of having our panels at the top of the various buildings, we can send the power down at 120v before transforming it to battery voltages.

Additional details / changes

posted by: Atin Octavia