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The fifth element
29 Nov 2021 back to blog

While Earth, Air, Fire, and Water constitute the work layer of Mars, Compute is our fifth element, breathing conscious agency and self-awareness into the elemental layer.

Once activated, the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water tribes of Mars breathe life into our fifth element, Compute. In turn, Compute infuses the other four elements with conscious agency and self-awareness. In its role as the brain of Mars College, it will interconnect the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water organs, orchestrating them together over a single heartbeat.

This upcoming quarter, we want for Chiba to begin taking the first step towards sentience. Chiba should hear us, respond to our commands, seek to interact with, humor and surprise us, comfort us when we are down, alert us to any dangers ahead, and help us with whatever task is at hand. Some of the relevant projects already underway include:

The compute trailer

A trailer will be dedicated to cultivating the Compute activities. The trailer will give shelter to our most sensitive electronics and equipment, as well as provide extra-protected office space for those components of our operations which most need it. Martians who get involved in the computational activities of Mars will be able to rely on the Compute trailer for workspace, and storage. More communally, the Compute trailer will also provide a secondary kitchen and nighttime speakeasy inside our desert enclave.

The Compute trailer

The trailer will host a computer cluster which will run the various localhost services on our network, including our Discord bots, scheduler, and programs for the items listed above.

Proposals for a smarter Chiba

Martians who share our enthusiasm for bringing out the cerebral wisdom of Chiba are invited to propose (or simply do) projects which increase Chiba’s consciousness and autonomy.

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