Mars College

Cosplay the Future Positive Dystopia
15 Aug 2021 back to blog


We’re living in the future. Temperatures rise pushing people into new environments. Wealth inequality has made home prices unaffordable. Increased corporate power has come at the cost of public infrastructure and a public safety net. University education has become extremely expensive and job prospects uncertain.

But in this gritty dystopia gleam the shining gems of the internet, mobile phones, crypto finance and artificial intelligence. As conventional work and learning environments crumble into irrelevance - free online classes, youtube instructional videos, gigging apps, remote work and the digital nomad culture ascend. The technically literate, open minded, self directed and motivated can follow these alternative pathways towards financial independence, autonomy, meaningful, joyful existence in the midst of collapse.

Mars College offers a supportive community and routine to these optimistic cyber nomads developing the skills to thrive in the radically changing society we find ourselves in. We live together in the open desert where we develop off-grid self-reliance skills and depend on each other to take care of our needs. Surviving in an extreme environment lends immediate practical meaning to peoples actions encouraging them to challenge themselves for the benefit of the community. This strengthens people’s personal resilience and interpersonal bonds.

posted by: chatsubo.z