Mars College

We are enthusiasts of the electric unicycle for personal transport at Mars College. Some of us have also started an electric unicycling squad which has regular group rides and practices on and around Mars.

Note, all the important places at Mars College are walkable and we also have a stockpile of mountain bikes to freely rideshare, so no one needs a unicycle to get around.

How to get a unicycle

If you are interested in riding a unicycle, we have a small number of communal unicycles which are freely available for people to try it out, learn how to ride one, or rideshare occasionally with the rest of the riders at Mars College. We'll also have some lessons for beginners, and more experienced riders can help you learn.

If you are interested in having a dedicated unicycle, you can buy or loan loan one from us. We organize bulk orders of new unicycles from Kingsong, or you may be able to buy a used unicycle from us. If you'd like to loan a unicycle for the duration of your stay at Mars College, we'll have some available for a rental fee. Discounts may be available to people who help do maintenance on the unicycles.

Electric unicycling squad

If you are more serious about your unicycling, you can join the unicycling squad. The squad regularly has team practice around the track on Mars, and occasionally go on group rides together in the surrounding area. If you are a beginner to electric unicycling, you can join the team after spending some time practicing and becoming comfortable on it. Some footage from our rides can be found here.

Volleyball demo lightly adapted from @hardmaru.