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Mobile Living - Design and Fabrication
18 Jul 2022 back to blog

Design and build mobile living spaces

We are working with Behn Samareh to design and build mobile living spaces. This may include residential space for Mars College, as well as small travel trailers like tear-drop trailers or pickup campers. This will take place in Southern California with the workshop either in Niland or Bombay Beach.

We are looking for people who would like to participate. Of particular interest are people knowledgeable in different aspects of digital design and fabrication including digital modelling (CAD) and CNC fabrication, as well as basic wood and metal fabrication


We are accepting applications now and will begin the initial design and research phase as soon as we have serious people onboard. Hope is that we will have a good idea about who we want to work with and what we want to build by the beginning of September when we’ll send invitations. We would like people to arrive in early October. Once people are here we will build out the workshop and begin assembling a prototype. Once we are confident we have a viable model, build process and team we can shift into production. We will wind down production and sell whatever trailers we have built in April.



There’s no cost to participate. Materials and tools will be available to people during the prototype phase. Teams selected to go into production will be given loans to buy materials for the production units. Loans will be repaid upon sale of the units in April with left over money shared between participants. There is no stipend, so ideally participants have money for food and other essentials. If this is an issue let us know in the application.

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