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The Simulation
16 Jul 2022 back to blog

Learn about making bots and build a giant structure for them to hang out in.

The Simulation is a large art installation we are building at Mars College to provide an environment for the conceptualization, instantiation, development, and education of AI entities. The intention is to allow people to see and interact with AI in their embodied form, as well make new bots. In the process we hope people learn how to work with this new technology as well as get a feel for where it is going in the future.

The Simulation will consist of an inner ‘womb’ where the bots are physically hosted, as well as a variety of break-out rooms for screenings and workshops. We could use help physically building the simulation, setting up the screenings and running activities.

If you’re interested in working on the Simulation at Mars College let us know in the Application.

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posted by: chatsubo.z