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12 Jul 2022 back to blog

Making an Eden on Mars

Eden is the name of the software and infrastructure running in the cloud which powers Abraham.

Through Eden we’ve managed to abstract the deployment and configuration of Abraham-like entities, semi-automated bots and web applications which are interacted with through text-to-image or text-to-text AI systems.

That means in practice anyone with little or no coding can quickly instantiate a bot that produces text and images when prompted. What kinds of bots should we make while we’re on Mars?

During the quarter I’m going to organize a weekly meetup around this activity of making these bots for various purposes. The nature of the bot can be whatever anybody finds interesting or meaningful. We can make Discord bots that create art or chat with us or answer questions. We can give them various tendencies or unique personalities. We can experiment with entirely new kinds of client applications through the API. It’s very open ended.

Some ideas for things we could try out:

Applicants who are interested in helping make Eden will be able to get preferential housing in Bombay Beach for the duration of their stay. Please let us know in the application.

posted by: mechanical duck