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11 Jul 2022 back to blog

Layout of Mars camps in 2023

This play between radical self reliance and communal effort has been a theme on Mars the last couple years. This coming year we’ll bake that yin and yang into the urban plan.

We’ll have an open camping area where digital nomads can boondock in their vans and trailers. Boondockers handle their own food, water, waste and basically everything else. Having a vehicle that can make town runs is critical for boondockers. Without their own wheels boondockers may need to use money and convincing.

We will also have one very centralized camp focused on building a large art installation called The Simulation. In addition to maintaining the Simulation everyone in this camp will pitch in to keep camp clean and well functioning. Within the borg needs are met thru communal effort. Humility and a willingness to do what is needed are the main requirements for assimilation.

People are invited to propose other installations they would like to build on Mars. It would be great if Chatsubo gets reanimated. Maybe the library deserves its own structure this year. Hopefully new people will propose new things they want to build on Mars and we can explore how to accommodate them.


posted by: chatsubo.z