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Mars College '22 Alpha
12 Sep 2021 back to blog

The next edition of Mars College approaches with the new year. Applications have started. Now is time to firm up our infrastructure plan...

Having an effecient build is one of my main goals this year. Our process has been a bit intuitive so far. One of the benefits of being close to civilization is that we can make Home Depot runs or order stuff from Amazon (unlike Burningman) . This approach however leads to a prolonged build with a nebulous end. There are always things that need doing, and a thin layer of guilt and indecision linger.

This year - two weeks. Maybe 3 depending on how you count. The first ‘real’ week, right after new years, we get the structure up. Erect the pallet racks, lay down the floors, screw in the walls, string the guard rails, build the stairs, secure the ladders, set up the shade. The second week we delve into the systems that make Mars come to life. Wifi everywhere! Solar installations on each house, TVs and Projectors, Showers, kitchen sinks, dishwashing stations, drinking water, grey water, compost bins, composting toilets, desks, chairs, tables, couches, counter tops…

We are not going to get this done in a week if we are constantly discovering we need some connector that is going to take Amazon 10 days to deliver, or if we are out there Googling how to setup solar. So our purpose for the next 3 months is to stage Mars on Venus.

Now that we have a pretty good idea of the Urban Plan Each of the [tribes](] can specify the systems we will need to provide our core services. Much of this can happen online over Discord. Specifically each of the tribes should draw or model where there components will fit into the Urban Plan. From there we need to come up with a list of materials we need, check that against what we already have and order the necessary. If there are any components of this we’re not sure about. We need to take time before January to get familiar with how things work and fit together so that there is someone on the team with a clear understanding of how things need to be put together. By Christmass each tribe should have a tight stack of labeled bins ready to go on Venus.

The last week of December we’ll set-up base camp on Mars, shade, a camp kitchen, a compost toilet. And we will move. Move the trailers. Move the pallet racks. Move all the properly labeled bins of all the things that will form the bones, skin, heart and brain of our little city out there. We’ll have a little party to bring the new year in. Then the big doing will begin.

posted by: chatsubo.z